A Father's Love - Joshua Zimmerman
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Joshua Zimmerman - Crossroads


1.   Break of Dawn 

2.   A Father's Love

3.   Creation's Wonder

4.   In Memory

5.   Crossroads

6.   Redemption

7.   Serenity

8.   Breathe New Life

9.   Sin Límites

10. A New Day

All music written by Joshua Zimmerman

Produced and recorded by Joshua Zimmerman

Mastered by Darren Vermaas

Photos by Vareie Images

The title 'Crossroads' is inspired by a lesson my father commonly gave me while I was growing up. He would tell me that a crossroad illustrates the decisions that we make in life. Some decisions lead to promising places, and others to dead ends. No matter how big or small a decision may appear, it can have a lasting impact on the direction it takes you.